Photographing mums-to-be, and families awaiting the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, is becoming one of my favourite types of photography session. Quite often we feel a little self conscious, not to mention tired and worn out, when we’re pregnant but I can promise you that investing in some lovely maternity photos is so worthwhile. Apart from a couple of phone pics, I have nothing from my two pregnancies which is something I truly regret. Maternity photos are a wonderful way to celebrate what our amazing bodies can do and are memories you can share with your children in years to come, showing them what it was like when they were in mummy’s tummy and how much you were looking forward to meeting them.

Your maternity photography session can take place in your home or we can head outdoors - wherever you feel most comfortable and relaxed - and we can involve all of the family (including pets) if you like. I also offer discounts if you’re looking to book both a maternity and newborn session with me.