Carshalton newborn and family photography session at home {Newborn and family photographer, Carshalton}

Quite often a newborn photography session is as much about capturing some great images of the whole family as it is about photographing the newborn! This was certainly the case for this lovely family who had just moved back to the UK after some time living in Vietnam.

Mum was keen to have some photos of big brother as well as baby but warned me that her little boy really didn't like having his photo taken after constantly being approached for photos by strangers back in Vietnam.  With this in mind, I spent the first 10 minutes or so of the session just playing and chatting with him before the camera even appeared. From there this gorgeous boy really didn't have a problem with having his photo taken and actually enjoyed seeing himself in my viewfinder!

With baby settled and fed, it was time for a few family photos before concentrating on baby himself. My absolute favourite image from this session isn't a traditional capture of everyone looking to the camera but one of a typical family scene with mum tending to baby and dad having a tickle fight with big brother. It's real and it's honest and so I love it!