Baby and parents in home photography session {Sutton baby and family photographer}

Photographing babies when they’re around four or five months old is such a treat. At this age, babies really come alive and engaged with both the camera and their parents. And let’s not forget those sweet, squidgy baby features. For me it’s just as important to capture the joy of parents and so I always encourage mum and dad to get in the frame. I had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous family at their home in Sutton, South London a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few favourites…

2017 {Newborn and family photographer, Surrey}

They say that when you find your passion you'll never work another day in your life and I've found this to be amazingly true since starting my business just over a year ago. I've met so many lovely people - both new clients and fellow photographers - attended some inspiring workshops, won four Bronze Awards in the The Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition, as well as having my work featured several times on The Teabreak Tog community pages.

I'm really proud of my achievements this year and I thank each and every person who has liked or commented on my work or referred me to a friend. Your support means so much to me. I'm especially grateful to all the wonderful families I've had the joy of photographing throughout the year - it's been a huge honour to capture so many memories for you. It's impossible to share something from absolutely every session but here are just a few of my favourites from the year...

Video produced by Ben Strivens

Wallington at home family photography session at home {Family photographer, Wallington}

I love this time of the year but as the weather gets too chilly for even the bravest little adventurers an at home family photography session is a cosy alternative to heading outdoors.

I really enjoyed capturing this family of four in their lovely Wallington home. Mum initially just wanted some nice photos of her two girls but I always encourage parents to take advantage of the fact that I'm there so they end up with some great family portraits too! Here are a few favourites from the session...

Competition winning image by Michaela Strivens {Family photographer, Surrey}

I'm delighted to announce that a photograph I took of my two girls monkeying around at bath time has been awarded first place in a Tea Break Togs community competition! 

Each week, hundreds of photographers are invited to submit a photo demonstrating their interpretation of a designated 'theme'. My image was selected as the best 'documentary' photograph. I'm so pleased as although I wouldn't necessarily call myself a documentary photographer, I absolutely adore this style of photography and would love to incorporate into my family photography sessions.

Tea Break Togs winning image.jpg
For me this is everyday documentary photography at its best. Just look at that expression of complete and utter joy on the left! If you don’t smile at this – you’re dead inside!

But there is so much more to this than the emotion captured. I love the black and white conversion – it has just the right amount of contrast to make it pop. The image is beautifully sharp and expertly exposed AND the horizontals are straight – hallelujah!

This is such a treasure Michaela Strivens. If these were my kids this would be HUGE on my wall.
— Julie Christie - Tea Break Togs


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